Supporting Local First Nations This Holiday Season!

November 30, 2023

Treaty One Territory, Manitoba

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As the holiday season approaches, let’s take a moment to appreciate and support the incredible talent of our local First Nation artists. These gifted individuals bring their rich traditions and unique artistic perspectives to the forefront, creating a diverse array of beautiful artworks and crafts.

To submit a local artist or crafter from a local First Nation in Manitoba, email it to

By choosing to support local First Nation artists, you not only enrich your own holiday season with their stunning creations but also contribute to the preservation and celebration of their cultural traditions. Whether it’s through purchasing handcrafted jewelry, paintings, sculptures, or clothing, your support can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these artists and their communities.

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of art and culture by seeking out and embracing the wonderful creations of First Nation artists in your area. Your support can help sustain their artistic endeavours and keep their traditions alive for generations to come!

Name & LinkArtist Info
A Sunrise Creation // Autumn Monkman and Charity FlettRibbon skirts, Beaded Earrings, Baby Moss Bag sets and for dolls.
AlishinaabeHandmade beaded earrings,
Anishinaa.bead // Jessica FlettHandmade beaded earrings made by Jessica Flett, Anishinaabe kwe from Roseau River First Nation
Anishinaabeadwork // Angela DucharmeBeadwork and Ribbon Skirts
Auntie Dee’s Designs // Deanne MakarSkirts, table runners, scrunchies, headbands etc.
Beads, Bling, N’ Things // Loretta RossEarrings and Crafts
Birdys Beads // Bridgette DickBeaded Earrings, Wristlets, Keychains and more.
Boreal WorkshopBoreal Workshop is a Manitoba family business. We design and manufacture hand made fine jewellery and functional art objects. Specialties include gold, silver, and copper jewellery, diamond and coloured stone jewellery, earrings, rings and wedding rings.
Buffalo Dancer DesignsWe are a First Nations family residing & creating leatherwork & regalia in Treaty 1 territory.
Buzzy’s Beadz // Ashleigh BearBeadwork Items, Jewelery, Earring, Necklaces, keychains, etc.
Cheryle DreaverPainting Art
Colours & Clouds BathHandcrafted Bath Treats, specializing in unique bath bombs including classic rounds.
Cree-Ative Native // Alisha BigelowResin Crafts
Donna Bear Gloverdb drum, hand drums. 176A Sutherland Avenue 204-952-0301
Dootys Mom Beads // Hilly MissyabitBeadwork and Crafts.
Eagle Woman PrintsContemporary Anishinaabe Art Prints. Treaty 1 Territory.
Earrings by AuntyResin Buffalo Skull Earrings
EL-A 5 Designs // Earlene AlexsonMoss bags
Empathic Moon 777 // Diana CouwleyMetaphysical Shop, Crystals, Apothecary, Divination In Winnipeg, MB. Specializing In Love.
From Turtle Island // Beth HallHandmade beadwork made with love from Turtle Island
J.D.M. Indigenous DesignsStained Glass Ornaments, Beadwork, Earrings, Dreamcatcher Ornaments
Jessica BirdBeadwork, medallions, broaches, regalia pieces
Kesley’s Native Design’s // Harley CookArtwork Design
Lenore BrazeauCustom star blankets. I also do upholstery, T-shirt designs and custom logo signs for businesses
Medicine Garden SocietyIndigenous family-run bath, body + wellness business.
Native crafter 71Bone & Antler Jewelry
OLP GiftsAnishinaabe and Cree artist residing in Winnipeg, MB
PinotinowayPinotinoway specializes in handcrafted, contemporary jewelry made from harvested birch bark. We also sell leather goods, postcards, mugs and more. Ask us about our custom work!
Posies CreeationsArt beadwork, contemporary beadwork, bracelet, earrings, necklaces, keychains, accessories, and more.
Powwow GearCustom leather pow wow belts
Red Road ClothingRed Road Clothing was established in January 2018. We are an indigenous family-owned company
Red Road RibbonsRibbon Skirts made by an Indigenous Youth from Treaty 1 residing in Winnipeg MB
Ribbon Skirts & Crafts by Sancia Victoria RacineSancia’s Ribbon Skirts & Crafts is Indigenous owned home business located in Long Plain First Nation
Spirit Healing Creations // Angelee CarlsonEarrings, Necklaces, Dreamcatchers, and more.
Tessa StarrBeaded, abalone and shell earrings
The Garden of Beadn’ Beadwork
Traditions WinnipegCustom Indigenous Artwork
White Thunderbird Holistic WorksIndigenous-owned business. Medicines, Foods, Candles, Smudge Spray, Wellness Boxes, and more.
White Wolf Creations // Tempest BruceIndigenous-owned business. Medicines, Foods, Candles, Smudge Spray, Wellness boxe, and more.
Windy Dolls // April SlaterWindy Dolls is the creation of Indigenous Artist April Slater from Peguis Cree First Nation
Woodland Spirits // Britney McLeod       Vegan, SLS-free, dye-free, herbal and medicinally blended soaps! Beeswax Candles, Epsom salts, soap dishes, herbal oil rollers, and other wellness items.
Yuzicapi Beadworks & Ribbon Skirts // Jasmine YuzicapiBeaded Earrings, Drums, Ribbon Skirts, etc

If we missed your information above, leave a comment with your Name, First Nations affiliation, and link to your crafting/artist profile:

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