AMC Secretariat and Staff Departments

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Secretariat’s core functions are:

Political Infrastructure: Grand Chief; Executive Council of Chiefs; Personnel and Finance Chiefs Committee; Annual, Special, and General Assemblies; Chiefs Committees; Elders Council; Women’s Council; and Grandmothers Council.

Administration: Finance; Human Resources; Information Management; Information Technology; Media Relations and Communications.

Strategic Policy Coordination and Analysis: Inter-departmental policy and coordination capacity including conducting the necessary research, community engagement in the development of the AMC policy position/documentation; provide briefings to leadership; and meetings on policy engagement with federal, and where required provincial departments. Under the direction of the Grand Chief, the AMC Management Team implements decisions made by the AMC Chiefs-in-Assembly resolutions and Executive Council of Chiefs motions.

AMC Staff

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
Phone: 204-956-0610
Toll-free 1-888-324-5483

Grand Chiefs Office

Grand Chief Cathy Merrick

Linda Ackegan, Executive Assistant to the Grand Chief

Natalie Ballantyne, GCO Chief of Staff

Sheleen Daniels, Executive Assistant to the Grand Chief

Jacob Dorie, Communications Specialist

Parry Francois, Cultural Advisor

Walter Spence, Senior Policy Analyst / Advisor

Dennis Whitebird, Political Liaison

Kristin Flattery, Women’s Coordinator

Executive Director’s Office – Secretariat

Office of the Executive Director

Howard Burston, Executive Director

Lisa Dunsmore, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Leslie Agger, Water Guardian

Dara Ahmo, Administrative Assistant

Dennis Ballard, First Nation Road Safety Coordinator

Erin Egachie, Innovation and Fund Development Specialist

Gail Flett, Treaties Relations Coordinator

Angelique Mercredi, Receptionist

Rhonda Monkman, Events Planner

Capacity and Enhancement Unit

Melanie Everette, Special Projects Coordinator


Jennifer Storm, Communications Manager

Amanda Fredlund, Communications and Social Media Coordinator


Lyn Blackburde, Director of Education

Andrew Courchene, Administrative Assistant

Shirley Jenson, Education Data Policy Analyst

Roxanne Meawasige, Policy Analyst Generalist

Jonah Powell, Research Writer

Cassy Regier, Internal Communications Specialist


Ritchie Arthurson, Director of Finance

Leanne Bruyere, Finance Administrative Assistant

Eilleen Calaqui, Finance Assistant – Accounts Payable

Raymond Crate, Finance Administrative Assistant

Debbie Sinclair, Financial Controller

Health Transformation

Candice Vince, Director of Health Transformation

Tara Myran, Policy Analyst

Darlene Spence, Administrative Assistant

Housing and Infrastructure

Daphne Sinclair, First Nation Housing and Infrastructure Specialist

Eric Lewis, Housing Intern

Human Resources

Trisha Sinclair, Director of Human Resources

Ginette Bisson, Human Resources Coordinator

Desiree Martin, Human Resources Associate

Debbie Ranville, Human Resource Coordinator

Information & Technology

David Dalgliesh, IT Manager

Dakota Jehle- Skeet, IT Helpdesk Support

Bret Swampy, It Helpdesk Support

Jordan’s Principle

Marcel Balfour, Director of Policy and Legal Affairs

Terri Chevrefils, Executive Assistant

Maryann Flett, Policy Analyst

Chantel Henderson, Clean Energy Coordinator

Joy Keeper, Knowledge Translation Specialist

Kim McPherson, Policy Analyst

Nick Saunders, Justice

Angela Young, Administrative Assistant

Eagle Urban Transition Centre

Phone: 204-954-3050
Toll-free: 866-345-1883
Fax: 204-954-3066

EAGLE Urban Transition Centre

Chris Prince, Program Manager

Darlene Littlejohn, Office Manager

Leanna Catcheway, Status Intake Clerk

Eldina Kiyewakan, EUTC Finance Assistant

Jayme Menzies, Policy Analyst

Maryann Moar, Client Support

Jordan’s Principle Off-reserve Support Services

Megan Johnson, Program Manager – Jordan’s Principle

Jaime Evans, Jordan’s Principle Advocate

Rena Flett, Jordan’s Principle Advocate

Selena Kern, Program Assistant

Chiayne Lambert, Jordan’s Principle Administrative Assistant

Markie Lambert,  Special Needs Advocate

Isla Little, Jordan’s Principle Administrative Assistant

Tammy Martin, Jordan’s Principle Administrative Assistant

David Monias, Jordan’s Principle Advocate

Claire Ross, Jordan’s Principle Advocate

Ronnie Severight, Jordan’s Principle Administrative Assistant

Sharon Wilson, Special Needs Advocate

Reaching Home – Fresh Start & New Beginnings (Ending Homelessness Winnipeg)

Leah Spence, Lead Service Coordinator, Fresh Start & New Beginnings

Colin Clemons, Employment Counselor

Flo Courchene, Housing Transition Coordinator

Corrine Edwards, Follow-Up Support Worker

Victoria Grisdale, Youth Housing Transition Coordinator

Michelle Ironstand, Follow-Up Support Worker

Rochelle Ledoux Molgat, Mental Health Addictions Coordinator

Nick McIvor, Community Housing Transition Counsellor

Chris Prince, Housing Transition Counsellor

Eagles Nest Youth Project

Shannon Shaw, Program Coordinator

Patient Advocate Unit

Kevin Fontaine, Patient Advocate Manager

Valerie Olson, Patient Navigator – AMC/WRHA

Dawn Slater, Program Assistant – AMC/WRHA

Ann Thomas, Patient Navigator – AMC/WRHA

First Nations Family Advocate Office

Phone: 204-957-8450
Toll-free 1-855-996-9989
Fax 204-943-2369

Cora Morgan, Director of FNFAO

Lindey Courchene, Executive Coordinator

Kayla Frank, Senior Policy Analyst

Chloe McCorrister, Operations Manager

Tina McKay, Advocacy Coordinator

Kim Chaske, Administrative Assistant

Matthew Macfarlane, Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Massan, Receptionist

Krista Neepin, Scaabe/Reception Support

Stephanie Sinclair, Executive Assistant

Jessica Teele, Communications Specialist

Tina Robinson, Reunification Team Lead

Sarah Flattery, Family Reunification Worker

Sherri Shorting, Family Reunification Worker

Lana Simpson, Kiipewii Chego Parental Support in First Nations

Myrna Thompson, Family Reunification Worker

Charlotte Boubard, Family Wellness Mentor

Ashley Chartrand, Family Wellness Mentor

Tonya Field, Family Wellness Mentor

Courtney Nachbaur, Family Wellness Mentor

Mearle Monias, Assistant Advocate

Tina Robinson, Assistant Advocate

Sheyanne Singh, Assistant Advocate

Shelby Ponace, Data Scaabe Lead

Shaylese Monkman, Data Scaabe

Krista Neepin, Data Scaabe

Maximillion Griffin-Rill, Attorney-at-Law

Jennifer Chartrand, Policy Analyst

Lena Joseph, Policy Analyst

Amber-Lynn Laplante, Research Writer

Alvin Henderson, Mino Bimaadiziwin – Grandfather

Karen Swain, Mino Bimaadiziwin – Grandmother

Aleisha Bigelow, Rites of Passage Scaabe

Travis Bighetty, Rites of Passage Scaabe

Lester Houle, Implementation Coordinator

Jennifer Roulette, Advocacy Coordinator

Michelle Meeches, Housing Coordinator

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