The AMC opposes the government of Manitoba’s interference with First Nation jurisdiction under the guise of COVID-19 emergency measures

July 6, 2020

Treaty One Territory, Manitoba


Treaty  One  Territory,  Manitoba  –  The  Assembly  of  Manitoba  Chiefs  (AMC)  is  expressing  vehement  opposition  to  the  Province of Manitoba overstepping its jurisdiction by using the COVID-­‐19 pandemic emergency response measures to apply  provincial  policy  on  First  Nations  through  its  attempt  to  ban  smoking  in  casinos  and  VLT  areas  on  reserves  in  Manitoba indefinitely.

AMC Grand Chief Arlen Dumas said, “It is unacceptable and disheartening that the Pallister government and Province of Manitoba  would  attempt  to  use  the  current  COVID-­‐19  health  crisis  to  unilaterally  attempt  to  usurp  First  Nations  autonomy under the guise of a public health order. We have consistently made constructive efforts to discuss the jurisdictional conflicts with the Province of Manitoba and offer solutions, however, the Premier continues to refuse our attempts to resolve these issues and appears content to continue these practices of systemic racism.”

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