The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs calls for tips in disappearance of Dwayne Lavallee

October 26, 2018

Treaty One Territory, Manitoba



Treaty One Territory, MBGrand Chief Arlen Dumas of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) is requesting that people come forward with tips to support the search for missing Skownan citizen Dwayne Lavallee.

The 21-year-old man has been missing from his First Nation since September. He was last seen in the Ebb and Flow First Nation on September 22, 2018. His family has been conducting a ground and air search for him since his disappearance. The Tarty-Lavallee family now have a cash reward of $10,000 available for anyone who can provide an exact location of their son.

“The ongoing disappearances of our First Nations citizens in Manitoba are a serious concern,” stated Grand Chief Dumas. “I fully support the Tarty-Lavalllee family in their search for answers. It is heartbreaking to know they feel they need to come up with a cash reward to get answers. I am urging anyone with information about the disappearance of Dwayne Lavallee to come forward immediately so this family can take their son home.”

“The weather is changing quickly in Manitoba. Soon we will have snow on the ground and our search will become much more difficult,” said Kelly Lavallee, who is Dwayne’s mother. “I thank everyone who has supported our search today but I’m desperate to resolve this. My son is a good person who has a close and loving relationship with his family. We miss him dearly. I’m pleading with anyone who can help us to come forward with tips on where my son is located.”

Even if they do not know of Lavallee’s whereabouts, Manitoba residents can continue to support the search for Dwayne Lavallee in a variety of ways. The family is accepting donations of cash, food for the search party, and more items. The family is also asking people with boats and quads from neighbouring communities to come and help with the search. If anyone wants to donate funds, they can send an e-transfer to Concerned citizens can also find other ways to help by joining the Facebook group called “Bring Dwayne Lavallee Home.”

A massive search party is planned for this weekend. Anyone is welcome to join the search party. The family asks you to meet at Ebb and Flow’s community hall—it’s a large building on located right on the highway into Ebb and Flow. Spokespersons from the Tarty-Lavallee family will be taking part in the search. Media are invited to interview them at the community hall at 1pm on Saturday, October 27.

Anyone with tips should contact the family by email.

Photo of Dwayne Lavallee
Dwayne Lavallee has been missing since September 22, 2018. His family is pleading for answers about his whereabouts.