Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Announce Elections Results for Grand Chief

October 26, 2022

Treaty One Territory, Manitoba


Treaty One Territory, Manitoba – On October 26th, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) held its 34th Annual General Assembly which included by-elections at the Wyndham Hotel located on the Long Plain First Nation urban reserve in Winnipeg, MB. The election was conducted by Harold Cochrane, Q.C. of Cochrane Saxberg Barristers & Solicitors. Today, the AMC is sharing the official election results.

For the position of AMC Grand Chief, there were two (2) rounds of voting by Manitoba Chiefs in attendance. The candidates for AMC Grand Chief included: Eugene Eastman, Jennifer Flett, George Kemp, Cathy Merrick, Cora Morgan, Sheila North, and Darrell N. Shorting.

In the first round of voting, 59 votes were cast, these were the results:

Eugene Eastman received 7 votes
Jennifer Flett received 5 votes
George Kemp received 13 votes
Cathy Merrick received 17 votes
Cora Morgan received 2 votes
Sheila North received 10 votes
Darrell N. Shorting received 5 votes

The winning candidate required at least 11 votes to advance to the next ballot. Therefore, the remaining candidates on the final ballot will be George Kemp and Cathy Merrick.

In the second and final round of ballots, 59 votes were cast and a minimum of 30 votes are required to win, the results are as follows:

George Kemp received 22 votes
Cathy Merrick Received 37 votes

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs congratulates the newly elected Grand Chief Cathy Merrick and we look forward to your advocacy and leadership.