The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs launches its Family Law Project in Fisher River Cree Nation

A group of people sitting in a sharing circle

November 26, 2018

Treaty One Territory, Manitoba



Treaty One Territory, MBToday the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) moves forward with its Bringing Our Children Home Act by launching its new Family Law Project. A team of Family Law Coordinators is hosting a community visit at the community hall in Fisher River Cree Nation from 10 am to 3 pm to start developing traditional family law templates for First Nations in Manitoba.

“There is a crisis in Manitoba when it comes to child and family services. The project we are launching today is another step in working to reclaim our collective sovereignty and jurisdiction to care for and protect our children,” said Grand Chief Arlen Dumas. “Once we are done this project, our Bringing Our Children Home Act will be accompanied by traditional family law templates in five First Nation languages. These templates will be another tool to help First Nations safeguard the well-being of our children’s respective identities, cultures, traditions, values, customs, and languages.”

In October 2018, Chiefs in Manitoba passed a resolution to support the drafting of five template laws on children and families for use by First Nations in Manitoba. These templates build on the work set out in the Bringing our Children Home Act, a draft law that aims to help First Nations in Manitoba reassert jurisdiction over their own children. The AMC is developing templates for the five Nation languages in Manitoba: Anishinaabeg; Anishininiwak; Dakota Oyate; Denesuline; and Nehethowuk/Ininewak.

The AMC’s team of First Nations’ Family Law Coordinators have approached 62 First Nations in Manitoba and will work with First Nations to learn about and incorporate customary practices on child and family wellness into template laws. First Nations will be able to adapt these laws to help them reassert jurisdiction over child and family matters.

First Nations citizens who have knowledge about traditional ways of raising and caring for children are encouraged to attend the community sessions. Participants will be invited to share teachings they have about traditional child rearing/raising in their Nation.

First Nations in Manitoba that would like to book a community visit can call 204.957.8450 or email