AMC welcomes and congratulates RoseAnne Archibald as the new Assembly of First Nations National Chief

July 8, 2021

Treaty One Territory, Manitoba


Treaty One Territory, Manitoba – The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) issues this statement today to congratulate and welcome the newly elected Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief RoseAnne Archibald. 

AMC Interim Grand Chief Leroy Constant states, “The AFN Chiefs-in-Assembly have spoken, albeit under challenging circumstances and have duly elected RoseAnne Archibald as their National Chief and principal spokesperson. On behalf of the AMC, I congratulate National Chief Archibald and offer best wishes for a productive and meaningful term in office. The election was held under trying circumstances due to COVID-19; Chiefs across the country, however, rose to the occasion and selected their new leader according to the approved rules for online voting. I thank all the candidates for putting their names forward, and I congratulate Chiefs and proxies on their selection. The AMC recognizes the Office of the National Chief. ”

I also thank former National Chief Perry Bellegarde for his leadership over the last 6 and-a-half years, and wish him the best on his next journey.

“The incoming National Chief comes into office at a critical time for First Nations in Manitoba as our inherent, Treaty and title rights remain under constant attack by Canada, by this provincial government and by the forces of colonialism. The AFN itself is undergoing Charter renewal, First Nations are recovering from the pandemic, there is new Governor General and the country will likely be heading into a general election very soon. The National Chief will be looked to, to advocate during these changing and volatile times. The AMC will be very cognizant of all these changes and will be offering full support the National Chief as we collectively work on these and the ongoing everyday challenges related to systemic racism and the very real socioeconomic difficulties faced by our people on the ground.”

Interim Grand Chief Constant continued “the new National Chief must be vigilant and fierce in protecting and promoting pre-existing First Nations’ rights, the sacred rights granted by Creator, as well as the spirit and intent of the solemn promises and guarantees agreed to and contained within our Treaties. The new National Chief must also promote the social and economic development interests of all First Nations across all the Treaty and non-Treaty regions of this country, while warning First Nations of any danger or threat to their sacred rights. The National Chief also balances the interests of the AFN and its relationship with the federal government with the already established relationships and communication channels between government, leadership, the rights holders and their representative organizations.”

The AMC looks forward to a reinvigorated relationship and working with National Chief Archibald, and the new members of the AFN executive, to open doors and advance the issues that are critical to Chiefs in Manitoba.

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