AMC Statement on International Day of Women and Girls in Science

February 11, 2021

Treaty One Territory, Manitoba


Treaty One Territory, Manitoba – The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) issues the following statement regarding International Day of Women and Girls in Science celebrating all women and girls in science as they continue to move ahead, breaking glass ceilings and kicking down barriers to create a world that is more equal for us all.  

The prevalence and long term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic clearly demonstrates the critical need for women and girls in science and in our health care system in particular. This includes taking part in research to advance knowledge and providing the needed assistance in treatment, testing and vaccine development, as we continue to fight COVID-19. 

Against this backdrop, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) calls on the government of Canada to provide the much needed funding to promote and enable First Nations women and girls get the necessary education comparable to that of other Canadians. At present, the low educational outcomes of First Nations students due to inadequate funding continues to create a gap that leaves our First Nations behind in technological advancement. This is worsened by long standing bias and gender stereotypes which keep strong women and girls away from science related fields.  

AMC Grand Chief Arlen Dumas stated, “the AMC respects and empowers women and continues to work for the advancement of First Nation women in this province. We believe and know that women and girls occupy a sacred place in our families and Nations. It is important that women and girls are supported in their education, enabling them to attain their full potential and make their ideas and voices heard. We call on the federal government to provide the needed funding to First Nations, specific to women and girls in the sciences, enabling us to advance their empowerment through opportunity.”  

“As First Nations, we are interested in harnessing more talents and creating spaces for creativity. We believe that women and girls not only have a vital role to play, but having a leading role. When they are supported in their chosen careers, they can do amazing things and help to change the world we live in for the better. It is without reservation that I will continue to advocate for not only equality, respect and acknowledgement of First Nation women and girls, but further advocate for every opportunity to ensure that they are empowered every step of the way.” 

“To that end, the AMC calls on the government of Canada and the international community as a whole to work together to end the gender imbalance in science, and specifically to bring First Nations to the table in future discussions and decision making to ensure that First Nation women and girls have every opportunity to contribute to the advancement of science in Canada,” concluded Grand Chief Dumas. 

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