AMC concerned about Bill 34 that attempts to legitimize the Province of Manitoba’s theft of over $300 million dollars stolen from First Nations children

April 3, 2020

Treaty One Territory, Manitoba


Treaty One Territory, Manitoba. The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) is seriously concerned with the impacts of Bill 34 – The Budget Implementation and Tax Statutes Amendment Act, which was introduced on March 19th, 2020. Bill 34 is an omnibus which justifies the practice of clawing back funding for First Nations children in care by the Government of Manitoba and immunizes the province from legal actions in this regard.

The Children’s Special Allowances (CSA) is a monthly payment by the federal government to the province of Manitoba or private child welfare agencies for maintaining children in care. The CSA is to be used by agencies to support the care of First Nations children through education, training and recreational activities.

Since 2005, Manitoba has required child welfare agencies to remit the CSA amount they receive from the federal government back to the province. As a result, the most vulnerable children in society have not received the necessary funding to ensure their social inclusion. The amount of theft through this practice by the Government from First Nations children far exceeds $300 million dollars.

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