The Department of Gaming Development currently consists of gaming coordinator, Chloe McCorrister. She works with a gaming consultant who works with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, the Chiefs gaming committee, and Grand Chief Arlen Dumas.

The Department of Gaming Development continues to focus on casino development, First Nations gaming policy and other forms of gaming initiatives.

Currently, Manitoba First Nations must conform to provincial gaming legislation and regulations with respect to their gaming establishments. This continues to restrict First Nations access to gaming markets in Manitoba.  Further, the Progressive Conservative government of Manitoba’s limited interest in discussing First Nations gaming has presented an issue and challenge for First Nations of Manitoba.

At the June 2016 Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs’ Special Chiefs Assembly, a number of gaming resolutions were passed reflecting the changing dynamics of First Nations gaming in Manitoba.

Manitoba Chiefs resolved to reassert First Nations jurisdiction over gaming and to create and promote a level playing field respecting access to the gaming market in Manitoba.

The Chiefs Gaming Committee includes:
Chief Betsy Kennedy, War Lake First Nation (Chair)
Chief Dennis Meeches, Long Plain First Nation
Chief Sheldon Kent, Black River First Nation
Chief Cameron Catcheway, Skownan First Nation
Chief Clarence Easter, Chemawawin Cree Nation