Grandmothers Council

First Nations grandmothers occupy a sacred and essential place in our families, communities and nations.

In 2017, at the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs’ Special Chiefs Assembly on Child and Family Services, the First Nations Women’s Committee and the Chiefs Task Force on Child and Family Matters recommended to amend the AMC Constitution to include a Grandmothers Council.

The Grandmothers Council reclaims the significant role grandmothers have played within our First Nations to share teachings with Manitoba First Nations leadership and communities and to take back responsibility for teaching our children, youth, young mothers, young fathers and parents.

Grandmothers Statement:

“The gift of creation gifted to Women by our Creator, a shared blessing and a responsibility, a responsibility to care for, love and teach our children and grandchildren. Teachings provided by our Creator and our Mother Earth that can only be taught by our Mother.”