ISKWĒW MINWĀYĀWIN – Grassroots Women, Healing our Spirits, Healing our Hearts

March 13, 2024

Treaty One Territory, Manitoba

AMC Communications

Welcome to the 2nd Annual AMC Women’s Gathering: ISKWĒW MINWĀYĀWIN – Grassroots Women, Healing our Spirits, Healing our Hearts.

Join us on May 28-29, 2024, in Winnipeg, MB, for a transformative gathering dedicated to honouring the strength, resilience, and wisdom of First Nations women and Two-Spirit individuals. Rooted in the heart of Treaty 1 Territory, this gathering is a celebration of sisterhood, healing, and empowerment for all First Nations in Manitoba.

At ISKWĒW MINWĀYĀWIN, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and community connection. Through workshops, discussions, ceremonies, and cultural activities, we will explore pathways to healing and reconciliation, guided by the teachings of our First Nations Matriarchs and Two-Spirit ancestors.

This event is a space for First Nations women and Two-Spirit individuals to come together, share stories, and uplift one another as we navigate the complexities of our modern world. Whether you’re seeking support, inspiration, or simply a sense of belonging, you’ll find it here among a community of like-minded sisters and kin.

We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and culturally respectful environment for all participants. We welcome individuals of all feminine gender identities to join us in honouring the sacred bond between all genders and the land and to collectively envision a future of strength, wellness, and sovereignty.

Stay tuned for updates and registration information, which will be coming soon. We look forward to welcoming you to ISKWĒW MINWĀYĀWIN – where together, we will heal our spirits and hearts.


ISKWĒW MINWĀYĀWIN: Grassroots Women, Healing our Spirits, Healing our Hearts

The title of our Annual AMC Women’s Gathering encapsulates the essence of our gathering—a journey of collective healing and empowerment guided by the wisdom and resilience of our First Nations Matriarchs. The term “iskwēw” in Cree holds profound significance, representing not just womanhood but also the interconnectedness between women, the land, and all living beings. It speaks to the inherent strength, nurturing spirit, and leadership qualities embodied by our First Nations women throughout history.

As we invoke the name ISKWĒW MINWĀYĀWIN, let us do so with deep reverence for the ancestral knowledge and history it embodies. It serves as a testament to the enduring strength of our First Nations Matriarchs, who have long been the pillars of our nations, guardians of traditional wisdom, and advocates for healing and reconciliation.

As we prepare to gather as relatives again this spring, may it inspire us to honour the past, engage with the present, and envision a future where healing, justice, and empowerment thrive.

Save the date, mark your calendars, and stay tuned for more information to be shared in the coming months. Don’t miss out on this empowering gathering – we can’t wait to see you there!

We’ll be sharing the registration link on our social media channels and our website in May.
Keep an eye out for updates!

Sponsorship Opportunity…

The 2nd Annual Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs’ Women’s Gathering is on the horizon, and we’re seeking sponsors to help make this event unforgettable!

About the Gathering:

This gathering is a celebration of the strength, resilience, and wisdom of First Nations women in Manitoba. It’s a space where voices are heard, stories are shared, and connections are made. Together, we aim to empower, inspire, and uplift each other.

Why Sponsor?

By sponsoring this event, you’re not just providing financial support; you’re investing in the future of First Nations women in Manitoba. You’re helping us create opportunities for education, networking, and empowerment. Your sponsorship will make a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Sponsorship Benefits:

– Brand visibility: Gain exposure to a diverse audience passionate about First Nations rights and women’s empowerment.

– Networking opportunities: Build professional relationships with influential leaders, activists, and community members.

– Social impact: Demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility and diversity.

– Recognition: Receive acknowledgment in our promotional materials, social media channels, and during the event.

How to Get Involved:

Whether you’re a corporation, small business, organization, or individual, there’s a sponsorship opportunity for you. Let’s work together to create positive change and support the incredible women of Manitoba.

Contact Rhonda Monkman at to discuss sponsorship options and how you can be a part of this inspiring event!

Together, we can make a difference. Let’s empower First Nations women in Manitoba and create a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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