AMC Pandemic Support 2021 – Update & FAQs

May 4, 2021

Treaty One Territory, Manitoba


The Eagle Urban Transition Centre would like to provide an update regarding the Pandemic Support Program which closed on March 29th, 2021:

Covid-19 has drastically affected First Nations people. As a result, many people have been left feeling isolated, burdened with financial struggles, or even homeless. The Pandemic Support Team is doing their best at this time to support our many First Nation citizens who applied in need of funding. We understand the very unique situation everyone is experiencing and working as quickly and efficiently to reach our goal.

Important Updates:

1. The survey for applications closed at the end March however due to the vast amount of applicants, the Pandemic Support Team will not be able to finish processing and distributing the support for each person until the end of May.

2. All applicants will receive a call from our call centre. It is not a scam. They are helping us process applications by scheduling deliveries and pick-ups.

3. If you missed the initial call from our automated call centre to schedule your availability please be patient as it can take a couple weeks for your next call.

4. After arranging your availability, you will receive a second call from our call centre to schedule your package for pick-up or delivery. If you missed your second call for your package pick-up arrangement, please be patient as it can take some time for you to be called back.

5. If you need to update your contact information, please call our call centre at 1-866-345-1883 and follow the prompts to reach our call centre. Please do not select EUTC unless you are looking for regular offered program supports.

6. If you applied and no longer have a phone, our call centre will send an email. Please watch for that email.

Pidamaya ya,

The Pandemic Support Team

PDF of Update & FAQs