AMC Chiefs-in-Assembly unanimously pass Resolutions in support of Social Development reforms

January 30, 2020

Treaty One Territory, Manitoba

AMC Communications

Treaty One Territory, Long Plain First Nation -The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, including Grand Chief Dumas and the AMC Chiefs, convened on the Long Plain First Nation this week to discuss and deliberate all aspects regarding Social Development.

A key area of deliberation during the two-day Assembly included the realities and consequences of outdated Income Assistance (IA) rates and their underpinning federal government policies and regulations. The Chiefs were firm on the need for a First Nations-led approach on regional policy changes, structures and entities developed for, and by, First Nations, and unanimously passed several resolutions with a focus on Social Development reform.

Grand Chief Arlen Dumas stated, “Over the last two days, the AMC Chiefs-in-Assembly have resolved to move forward on a First Nations-led approach to Social Development policy reform, including extensive reforms to the On-Reserve Income Assistance Program. Chiefs identified the necessary policies and legislative authorities, including a new funding and fiscal relationship to allow First Nations in Manitoba to control their own social development programs and services that meet their needs. “We have heard presentations from Chiefs representing all regions in Manitoba on the way forward for an updated Social Development program that fits the needs and socioeconomic realities of Manitoba First Nations.”

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