Welcome to the First Nation Provincial Election Guide 2023. In the spirit of unity and active participation in the democratic process, we are delighted to provide you with comprehensive information and resources to empower you as you prepare to exercise your right to vote in the upcoming Provincial Election.


Advanced Voting: September 23 – 30

As members of First Nations communities, our voices matter, and our votes hold the power to shape the future of our provinces. This election presents an opportunity for us to engage with the candidates, understand the issues that matter most to our communities, and make informed choices that reflect our values, traditions, and aspirations.

In this guide, you will find a wealth of information designed to assist you in navigating the election process. We will delve into key aspects such as voter registration, understanding the candidates and their platforms, locating your polling station, and much more. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to make a meaningful impact through your vote.

Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of fostering a culture of civic engagement within our First Nations, encouraging open dialogue, and promoting active participation among community members. By coming together and participating in the electoral process, we can influence the decisions that will shape the future of our provinces for generations to come.

We invite you to explore the contents of this guide, ask questions, and share the information with your fellow community members. Let us stand united and take our rightful place in the democratic process as we prepare for the Provincial Election on October 3, 2023. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that the voices of First Nations are heard loud and clear in the halls of governance.

Thank you for visiting our First Nation Provincial Election Guide, and we look forward to your active participation in this important democratic event.

Who can vote?

You can vote if you are:

  • a Canadian citizen;
  • 18 years of age on or before election day (Oct 3);
  • a resident of Manitoba for at least six months before election day.

Where do I go to vote?

On election day (from 8AM to 8PM), you can vote at any polling place in your electoral division.

If you are registered, you will receive an info card in the mail from Elections Manitoba telling you where you go to vote. If you misplaced your card, look up your local poll station here: https://www.electionsmanitoba.ca/en/Voting/MyVotingInfo

During advanced poll dates, look up your polling stations here using the name of your region and electoral division: https://www.electionsmanitoba.ca/en/Voting/AdvanceLocations .

To view the list of all First Nation poll stations, see below or click here.

First NationRidingAddress/Location of Polling Station- MB ElectionsAdvanced Voting DateVoting Date
1Barren Lands First Nation (Brochet)Flin FlonBrochet Community Council Building (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
2Berens River First NationKeewatinookBerens River School (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
3Birdtail Sioux Dakota NationRiding MountainBirdtail Sioux Presbyterian Church (Election Day)NoOct. 3
4Black River First NationKeewatinookBlack River First Nation Band Hall (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
5Bloodvein First NationKeewatinookBloodvein Old School Gym (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
6Brokenhead Ojibway NationRed River NorthBrokenhead Ojibway Nation Bingo Palace, 2 Bear Road, Scanterbury (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 23-30Oct. 3
7Buffalo Point First NationLa VerendryeBuffalo Point Resort (Advanced)Sept. 26 No
8Bunibonibee Cree NationKeewatinookBunibonibee Community Centre (Advanced/Election Day), George Colon Memorial Home (Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
9Canupawakpa Dakota NationRiding MountainHSE 4030 Canupawakpa Dakota Nation (Election Day)NoOct. 3
10Chemawawin Cree NationThe Pas-KameesakChemawawin School, 1A Cree Rd, Easterville (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
11Dakota Plains Wahpeton NationPortage La PrairieDakota Plains School (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 23-30Oct. 3
12Dakota Tipi First NationPortage La PrairieDakota Tipi Gaming Centre, 443 Gamblers Rd Dakota Tipi First Nation (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
13Dauphin River First NationThe Pas-KameesakDauphin River Community Hall, 3 Anama Bay, Dauphin River First Nation (Election Day)NoOct. 3
14Ebb And Flow First NationDauphinEbb and Flow First Nation Community Complex, 517 Arena Road, Ebb and Flow (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 27Oct. 3
15Fisher River Cree NationThe Pas-KameesakFisher River Cree Nation Hall, Lot 78, Fisher River Cree Nation (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
16Fox Lake Cree NationThompsonFox Lake Band Office, 107 Fox Lake Dr. Fox Lake Cree Nation (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 27Oct. 3
17Gambler First NationSwan RiverBinscarth Drop-in Centre, 47 Russell St. Binscarth (Election Day)NoOct. 3
18Garden Hill First NationKeewatinookGarden Hill Recreation Centre, Garden Hill First Nation (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 23-30.Oct. 3
19God’s Lake First NationKeewatinookGod’s Lake Narrows Youth Drop In Centre, God’s Lake (Advanced/Election Day) God’s Lake Narrows Elderly Persons Home (Election day)Sept. 25Oct. 3
20Hollow Water First NationKeewatinookHollow Water First Nation Band Hall (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
21Keeseekoowenin Ojibway NationRiding MountainElphinstone Memorial Hall, 220 Railway Street, Elphinstone (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 29Oct. 3
22Kinonjeoshtegon First NationThe Pas-KameesakKinonjeoshtegon First Nation Band Office (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
23Lake Manitoba Treaty 2 FNInterlake-GimliLake Manitoba First Nation Hall, Hwy 68,Lake Manitoba First Nation (Election Day)NoOct. 3
24Lake St. Martin First NationThe Pas-KameesakLake St. Martin First Nation Band Office (Election Day)NoOct. 3
25Little Grand Rapids First NationKeewatinookLittle Grand Rapids Recreation Hall (Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
26Little Saskatchewan First NationThe Pas-KameesakLittle Saskatchewan School, Little Saskatchewan First Nation (Election Day)NoOct. 3
27Long Plain First NationPortage La PrairieLong Plain Rez Plex, 198 Yellowquill Trail W, Long Plain First Nation (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
28Manto Sipi Cree Nation (God’s River)KeewatinookManto Sipi First Nation Old School Gym, God’s River (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 25Oct. 3
29Marcel Colomb First NationFlin FlonBlg 1, Marcel Colomb First Nation (Black Sturgeon) (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
30Mathias Colomb Cree NationFlin FlonMathias Colomb Youth Centre, Pukatawagon (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
31Misipawistik Cree NationThe Pas-KameesakGrand Rapids Community Complex, Lot 85, Grand Rapids Drive (Advanced/Election Day) Misipawistik Band Hall 59 Beardy Point Road, Grand Rapids (Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
32Mosakahiken Cree NationThe Pas-KameesakMoose Lake Council Office, 302 Martin Road, Moose Lake (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
33Nisichawayasihk Cree NationThompsonNorman Linklater Memorial Multiplex, 10 School Road, Nelson House (Advanced/Election Day), Nisichawayasihk Personal Care Home (Election Day)Sept. 27Oct. 3
34Northlands Denesuline First NationFlin FlonNorthlands Denesuline First Nation Band Hall, Lac Brotchet (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
35Norway House Cree NationFlin FlonKinosao Sipi Multiplex (Advanced/Election Day) Norway House Community Council Building (Election Day)Sept. 23-30Oct. 3
36O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First NationDauphinMaurice Morrisseau Memorial Hall, 3207 Lake Shore Road, Crane River (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 27Oct. 3
37Opaskwayak Cree NationThe Pas-KameesakOtineka Mall (Advanced) Kikiwak Inn (Election Day)Sept. 23-30Oct. 3
38O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree NationFlin FlonMurdo Clee Hall, Wasagan Rd. South Indian Lake (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
39Pauingassi First NationKeewatinookPauingassi First Nation Band Hall (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
40Peguis First NationThe Pas-KameesakPeguis First Nation PCI Building (Advance), Peguis Recreation Centre, Percy E. Moore Hospital, (Election Day) Ochekwi-Sipi First Nation Personal Care Home/ Peguis Senior Centre (Election Day)Sept. 23-30Oct. 3
41Pimicikamak Cree NationFlin FlonCross Lake Community Council Hall, 40 Government Road, Cross Lake (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26,27,28Oct. 3
42Pinaymootang First NationThe Pas-KameesakPinaymootang First Nation Conference Centre (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
43Pine Creek First NationSwan RiverPine Creek First Nation Band Office, Hse 880 Pine Creek (Election Day)NoOct. 3
44Poplar River First NationKeewatinookPopular River First Nation Band Hall (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 25Oct. 3
45Red Sucker Lake First NationKeewatinookRed Sucker Lake First Nation Band Hall (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 25Oct. 3
46Rolling River First NationRiding MountainRolling River First Nation Southquill Hall, NW 14-17-19 W, Rolling River First Nation (Election Day)NoOct. 3
47Roseau River Anishinabe FNBorderlandRoseau River Anishinabe First Nation Band Office (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
48Sagkeeng First NationKeewatinook49184, HWY 11, Sagkeeng Anicinabe Nation (Advanced), Sagkeeng Highschool, 1 Nikka Cres N. Shore Rd. (Election Day) Sagkeeng Multiplex, Lot 6, Hwy 11, Sagkeeng First Nation (Election Day) George M. Guimond Care Centre. 50229, Hwy 11, Fort Alexander (Election Day)Sept. 23-30Oct. 3
49Sandy Bay First NationAgassizSandy Bay Community Complex, 239 Main Road, Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
50Sapotaweyak Cree NationSwan RiverSapotaweyak Cree Nation Administrative Building (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 27Oct. 3
51Sayisi Dene First NationFlin FlonSayisi Dene First Nation Council Chambers, Tadoule Lake (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
52Shamattawa First NationKeewatinookShamattawa First Nation Band Office (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 25Oct. 3
53Skownan First NationDauphinSkownan Hall, 1050 Skownan Rd. Skownan First Nation (Election Day)NoOct. 3
54St. Theresa Point First NationKeewatinookSt. Theresa Point Youth Hall (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 26Oct. 3
55Swan Lake First NationTurtle MountainSwan Lake Friendship Centre, 9-4th St. N. Swan Lake (Election Day)NoOct. 3
56Tataskweyak Cree NationThompsonTataskweyak Community Hall (Advanced), Tataskweyak Elderly Persons Housing, (Election Day) Chief Sam Cook Mahmuwee School (Election Day)Sept. 27Oct. 3
57Tootinaowaziibeeng Treaty ReserveDauphinTootinaowaziibeeng Treaty Nation Band Hall, Hwy 5 TTN (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 27Oct. 3
58War Lake First NationThompsonWar Lake Band Office, War Lake First Nation (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 27Oct. 3
59Wasagamack First NationKeewatinookWasagamack Tv Station Building (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 25Oct. 3
60Waywayseecappo First NationSwan RiverWaywayseecappo First Nation Bingo Hall (Election Day)NoOct. 3
61Wuskwi Sipihk First NationSwan RiverBirch River  
62York Factory First NationThompsonYork Landing Arena, E 20 Evergreen Way, York Landing (Advanced/Election Day)Sept. 27Oct. 3

What are the ID requirements?

Everyone must show ID to vote. Voters who are on the voters list but don’t have the required ID may have someone vouch for them.

If you DO have ID you can bring:

Option 1:Option 2:
One piece of government-issued photo ID.

Examples include:
– Driver’s license
– Manitoba identification card
– Passport
– Treaty card
Two documents that include your name.

Examples include:
– Manitoba Health card
– Social Insurance card
– Utility bill
– Credit card
See a complete list of acceptable ID (PDF, 51.1 KB)

If you DONT have ID:

If you do not have any of the IDs listed above, you can use a NEW form that the AMC worked to develop in partnership with Elections Manitoba for the 2023 elections. This form can be used in place of an ID and must be signed by a Chief, Councillor, or Band Membership Clerk. To access this form, see below:

You can also have someone vouch for you, though this is limited to one person vouching for only one other person. Vouching is the practice of one registered voter affirming the identity of another registered voter who does not have an acceptable ID, but wishes to vote.

If your name is on the voters list but you do not have ID, you may have another voter with ID from your electoral division vouch for you. Vouching is acceptable only if your name is on the voters list.

The person vouching for you must sign an oath affirming your identity.

Vouching may be done on election day, but not during advance voting.

A voter may only vouch for one other voter.

How do I ensure I am registered at my current address?

If you are registered to vote at your current address, you will receive a voter’s information card in the mail prior to election day.

To check if you are registered, visit the link below. If you are not registered, or if you need to update your info, there i https://www.electionsmanitoba.ca/en/Voting/Register_of_Voters

Or watch this video to learn how to register: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKrO2I-nLtw

No Permanent Address
You can vote if you do not have a permanent home. You can bring a letter to the voting place from a shelter or an agency saying they know who you are, along with one piece of ID.


I am unable to vote on October 3 – What are my alternative options?

Advance Poll

From September 23 – 30, you can vote at any advance poll in Manitoba during all eight days of advance voting. To look up your advance poll location and hours, visit https://www.electionsmanitoba.ca/en/Voting/AdvanceLocations

Homebound Voting

If you are unable to go in person to a voting place due to a disability, you and your caregiver can apply to vote in your home.

To apply for homebound voting, download the application form (PDF, 138.7 KB), then submit your application and copies of the required ID to Elections ManitobaFind out more about ID requirements.

Absentee Voting ( https://www.electionsmanitoba.ca/en/Voting/Absentee)

You can vote in a Manitoba election or by-election from anywhere in the world if you are eligible to be an absentee voter.

Eligible voters can vote by absentee ballot if they expect to be:

  • outside Manitoba on advance voting days and on election day
  • inside Manitoba but at a location significantly distant from any advance polling place and from their regular polling place on election day

Who can apply for Absentee Voting?

How do I apply for Absentee Voting?

When an election is called, you can apply online or at your local election office.

Another option is to complete the application form (PDF, 370.3 KB) and return it with acceptable ID.